D1.1  Management Handbook and Quality Plan

31 January 2020

Mir Ghoraishi (Gigasys Solutions)

D1.1 contains information about the internal organisation of the consortium and the work procedures for all partners. It contains instructions for the collaboration tools as well as management responsibilities.

D6.1  Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Project Results

31 January 2020  (European commission review pending)    PDF

Oscar Adamuz-Hinojosa (University of Granada)

D6.1 provides the plan for the rest of the project with respect to the dissemination actions and an initial plan for the exploitation activities and reporting on the establishment of the External Advisory Board.

D2.1  Use-Case Specifications and Requirements

29 February 2020   (European commission review pending)   PDF

Miguel Granda Trigo (Bosch Spana)

D2.1 reports the use cases taken as reference for the project, and that will guide the design, development, and demonstration activities conducted in the project. D2.1 will provide design specification of selected use cases and derive their functional and technical requirements.

D1.2  Data Management Plan

30 April 2020

Mir Ghoraishi (Gigasys Solutions)

D1.2 contains the status and strategy of the project in regard to the data management and GDPR and will evolve during the lifetime of the project. Special emphasis will be provided in publishing Open Access (OA).