EC H2020 5G Infrastructure PPP Phase 3 Project

Beyond 5G Multi-Tenant Private Networks Integrating Cellular, Wi-Fi, and
LiFi, Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Intent Based Policy


A solution for beyond 5G private networks

5G-CLARITY designs and demonstrates the integration of 5G, Wi-Fi, and LiFi technologies,
and managed through AI-based autonomic networking


An architecture to enable dynamic deployment
of connectivity services inside a venue

The provided services include evolutions of the eMBB and URLLC 5G services beyond 3GPP R16


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5G Private Networks Workshop in EUCNC 2021 – 6G Summit

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The virtual workshop will be held by 12 5GPPP projects, including 5G-CLARITY, where interesting talks by recognised experts will be presented, The workshop will provide a hollistic view of NPNs,…

5G-CLARITY Expert Panel in 5G Week

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An expert panel will be organised and presented by 5G-CLARITY on 'Private Networks: Challenges, Technical Innovations, and Beyond 5G Roadmap' in the 5G Week event on June 4th, at 1000…

Latest 5GPPP White Paper

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'AI and ML - Enablers for Beyond 5G Networks', is the title of the latest 5GPPP white paper with contributions from up to 20 5GPPP projects, inclusing 5G-CLARITY! 5G-CLARITY's Daniel…
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